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Monday, April 2, 2012

Nursery "After" Pictures- Oops.

I must apologize; this blogging from my phone thing is going to take a little practice! I didn't mean to leave you hanging...I just wanted to wrap up the post by mentioning a few things:
The vast majority of my inspiration came from Pinterest, that most glorious of websites. The embroidery hoops, name canvas, the yarn-wrapped letter (which was made for me by a friend who found the idea on...you guessed it- PINTEREST), and the overall style of the nursery (let's call it "Sweet Vintage")...all the ideas came from Pinterest. Listen to me closely, my friends. You may not realize it, but you need Pinterest. Everybody needs Pinterest. All of these nursery crafts were simple and inexpensive. And I'm
ALL about inexpensive. My one splurge was the Ruby fabric for the hoops, but I wanted that perfect little accent to accompany the quilt, and I absolutely love the results. I have been a nesting...well, FREAK during this pregnancy, and I completely blame Pinterest. And now, with two days left until my due date, I shall now bake granola bars, swiffer my living room, mop my disgusting kitchen floor, make dinner, and fall apart in a million pieces. And maybe, just maybe, complete one more Pinterest project before the baby comes. Somebody please stop me. Please.

Have you caught the Pinterest bug yet? What's your favorite "idea" website? It's always fun to see where people get their inspiration!

Nursery "After" Pictures!

First off, I must warn you: I am attempting to blog from my phone. I downloaded the Blogger app because my precious laptop is currently at the laptop doctor, and I am feeling quite bare these days. So forgive me if this is not quite as stellar-looking as usual. BAH HA HA HA.


The nursery is 99.9% finished!! The only thing that is absent from these pictures is the much-anticipated quilt (long story short- nobody's fault but our own), a coordinating valance, and the canvases that spell out the baby's name (sorry; I'm one of "those" people- you'll find out the baby's name soon enough!) The canvases turned out GREAT, and I can't wait to show you, but in the meantime, all of you will have to be patient. And so, here we go.