Wordless Wednesdays

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ten Musings

Well. Let's get right to it.

1) Soft grapes are an abomination.

2) Daniel informed me the other day that he has a teacher who is "allergic to triangles." I just...just love him.

3) When Steve returns home from a business trip, I find myself resisting a most burning desire to bake about 3 different cakes. Fondant Au Chocolat, French Style Lemon and Yogurt Cake, and some other French cake. Before you think,"Oh, what a sweet and benevolent wife", I'll stop you right there and confess: The cakes? For me. Steve's homecoming is the perfect cover for such an indulgence. (Hi, Honey!)

4) I typically do not care for cake or cupcakes. I know. That pretty much dumps me into the camp of "Not A Fun Person". Before I met Steve, I used to envision a wedding without cake. I imagined pie. I love pie. Pie as far as the eye could see. French Silk Pies EVERYWHERE. Banana Cream! Key Lime! Chocolate Peanut Butter Icebox Pie!! All my beloved friends, all present during the happiest day of my life. Well. Steve doesn't particularly care for excessive amounts of pie. So we chose the tastiest cake we could think of: marble cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. I did love it. It truly was a good cake. BUT... it wasn't until I discovered French-style yogurt cakes that I realized cakes could be moist, mouth-wateringly delicious without being cloyingly sweet, and oh-so-simple. No layers or frosting here, which is good, because I seriously can't be bothered with either. A simple glaze over a rustic, single-layer cake and a hot cup of tea will do very nicely, thank you. Here is one of our favorite French-style yogurt cakes.  Bonus: Steve LOVES these cakes. Win!

5) I dream of a TV-free household one day. I'm not kidding, I'm not crazy, and yes; I really do mean that.

6) If you are 4 years old, it is extremely important that you start off each and every day by disassembling your father's small electric grooming devices, all the way down to stripping it of its batteries. Make sure you do this when it's your turn in the bathroom, so your mom thinks you're just doing an amazing job brushing your teeth. Chuckle to yourself when your mom finds the once-again stripped devices, and laugh even harder when your father puts the devices back together and PUTS THEM BACK IN THE EXACT SAME LOCATION AS BEFORE. Grown ups. They never learn, do they?

7) Watching your six year old play air guitar while listening to "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" is a most joyous activity.

8) Realizing that your youngest boy is a spitting image of your father is also a most joyous thing. At least, in my case, it is. BA HA HA.

9) Steve bought three different kinds of Irish cheese over St. Patrick's Day weekend. Not only did I fall ridiculously in love with him all over again, I was positively blown away by the amazing flavor, texture, and no-nonsense straight-forwardness of Irish cheese. I highly recommend Kerrygold Dubliner, and Wexford Mature Irish Cheddar. I am seriously dreaming of the next time I can wend my way to our local little delicatessen to acquire some more Dubliner.

10) I infinitely prefer Easter to Christmas. I only have about 56,493 reasons for this, so I just might have  to share them another time.

It's good to be back. I hope to be back on a more frequent basis. Good night to all.