Wordless Wednesdays

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Rather Strange Series of Vignettes, Part Two

I don't really know where to begin. I shall make a list! A list doesn't really count as a vignette, but I DON'T CARE.

1) Poor Lucy had the stomach flu pretty bad this week. After having five kids, I am so, so past the point of freaking out, waiting in agony to see who will get it next. We've all had it so very many times that I now think nothing of a child running to the bathroom to make a deposit. "You all right there, pal?" *sniff sniff* "Yeah-huh." At one point during Lucy's bout with the flu, I was in the process of changing an atrociously atomic diaper. The following conversations/events occurred:

Me: "Oh boy. David, please get me a big towel from my bathroom. Quick! Lucy's diaper is a complete disaster!"

*David trots (hee hee) off to get a towel. Or at least, that's what I thought.*

David returns, panting, and holding a sock: "Here you go!"

Me: "I said a big towel. From my bathroom. Please get me a big bath towel from my bathroom."

Does this make any sense?? I thought it did.

*David runs off*

*Daniel, not David, returns. He is holding a nebulizer mask.*

Daniel: "Here you go!"

Me, incredulous: "I said a BIG TOWEL from my bathroom. PLEASE. What is going on? I AM LOSING MY MIND."

*David returns. He is holding the base of the nebulizer.*

Me: "What is going on? I don't understand this. Go upstairs. Walk into my room. Walk into my bathroom. Grab any large, hanging towel and bring it to me. If there are no hanging towels, open the white cupboard and grab a towel from the cupboard, and BRING. IT. TO. ME. PLEASE."

*David and Daniel sprint away and return, bringing a very damp (but large!) towel. I gladly accept this, because at this point I am perilously navigating a small river of waste.*

And Steve wonders why I am losing my mind. Every day, I go a little more crazy. But that's okay. Today is definitely one of those days (Just bein' real here), but I often say out loud throughout the day, "They are little only once. They are little only once." And then I screw up 108463985686 more times before I got to bed. Oh well.

Thus ends the story of the towel.

2) The weather here is so, so, so fabulous; I can't even begin to describe how glorious it is to this life-long Midwesterner. It was 84 degrees TWICE last week with almost no humidity. We died a thousand deaths of bliss. Tomorrow we go on a hike with some wonderful new friends.

3) There are teeny-tiny coffee stands all throughout Yakima, and a couple of days ago, I tried the closest one to my house. It stands astutely in the parking lot of an adorable little flower shop. I tried something I've never tried before. They call it...The Pegasus. What might this concoction be, you ask? I shall tell you. It is a LAVENDER Italian soda with a small bit of coconut milk drizzled over the top. It's purple. It's beautiful. It's bizarrely delicious. I will be back for more.

4) Kate turned nine months yesterday! Oh, my widdle pwecious Kit Kat; my Katie blue eyes, my Katie Jane, my baby Katers...

She is hilarious and sweet. We all adore her. 

Thus closes Part Two of a Rather Strange Series of Vignettes. And now, if you would excuse me, Daniel has decided to wash his shoes. Good day to you all.