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If I was to sum up our current year of homeschooling thus far, I could do it in a single, solitary sentence: "I'm being eaten alive." I know many, many homeschooling mothers can relate, and I must admit to feeling especially pathetic about it because my oldest is in first grade, and my second son is just doing some very basic, fun preschool work. "This shouldn't be this difficult," I thought to myself as we finished school at 4:45 pm yet once again. It took me about 10 weeks into the school year to realize that I was not in charge of our curriculum; it was completely in charge of me. Things needed to change. I dropped non-essentials, and although things are far more manageable now, I am not willing to pay the (very expensive) price for this curriculum and end up using about 70% of it. I've had many an epiphany this year, and after much prayer, reading, and contemplation, we have decided to take the plunge into the world of Charlotte Mason and use Ambleside Online for our curriculum next year. Some of you might be wondering why I didn't switch gears immediately. In all honesty, I do much better with big changes if I have a bit of time to carefully research and prepare, and this situation is no different. I've always fervently agreed with Miss Mason's educational philosophies, but now that I've had a little bit of time trying something different with my kids, I am now ridiculously ready to fully embrace a Charlotte Mason education. I am incredibly excited about the year to come, and I plan to keep this new portion of the blog updated with our transition, happenings, musings, etc. Feel free to join the conversation!

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