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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Well, Christmas is over, and I somehow managed to survive AND enjoy it. Miracle of miracles! Christmas and I have not gotten along very well for the past 6 years, and it's mostly because we have this incredible knack for:

1) Barfing like mad on Christmas.


2) Ending up in the ER for one reason or another on Christmas Eve/Day (take your pick!).

But this year was different.

Yes, indeedy, my friends. This year was one for the ages, because for the first time in SIX YEARS (no lie!), we had a healthy Christmas. It. Was. EXTRAORDINARY. And miraculous. And to celebrate, I give you...

Christmas Afterthoughts, or The Christmas Caramels That Will Change Your Life And Render You Speechless Each And Every Time You Sink Your Teeth Into Them. 

Because I am so incredibly organized (bwahaha), I am posting a Christmas treat recipe now rather than the weeks leading up to Christmas. I'm just THAT GOOD. But lest you think you have grown weary of Christmassy treats, let me just stop you right. there. These caramels...Oh, these caramels. I can barely speak of it. But I must. The world must know!!! Let me tell you a few things about these caramels.
  I had all sorts of grandiose plans before Christmas to make all sorts of cookies, even after partaking in two cookie exchanges. There can never be enough cookies, right? And then...AND THEN I stumbled across these caramels from one of my favorite food blogs, Not Without Salt. Mmm...Caramels...I thought dreamily to myself as I was transported back to my childhood, back to that One Christmas when my Grandma Jeanne stayed with us for for about a week, and I remember being nine and having dreadful glasses, but what did that matter when mom and grandma were making FUDGE and CARAMELS?? It didn't matter at all, even though I was also wearing stirrup pants and tunic sweaters as well. I don't even know how I had the chutzpah to leave the house. But as I said, it didn't matter, because glorious things were happening in the kitchen. The fudge was wonderful; dense, chocolatey, perfect texture and consistency. I really liked the fudge. BUT THE CARAMELS....oh, the caramels. I fell madly and violently in love, and I simply couldn't get enough of them. SO, when I saw this caramel recipe, I knew my time had come. It was a rite of passage. It was my turn to make the caramels now. And make them I did. It was all I made in the weeks before Christmas. Any notion of making cookies flew out of my mind at an alarming rate of speed. Forget cookies. There were caramels to be made. The process was surprisingly simple- turns out I can boil butter and sugar just fine. All you need is a few simple ingredients, a candy thermometer, a prepared pan/workspace (there is to be NO checking of the Facebook whatsoever whilst making caramels; are we clear?), and a little bit of patience. Here we are in the "freshly poured into the pan" stage (allow about 8 hours to set. As I said, a bit of patience!)

Here we are in the gifting stage. So. Much. Fun.

These caramels. They are the most exquisite blend of sweetness, creaminess, a bite of salt (yes, I said "bite"), and the most wonderful and unexpected hint of sweet spices. They are my favorite forever. These are the caramels you need to drop everything for and make them at once, even if it's 2:30 in the afternoon and your kitchen smells like a yeast factory because you, once again, haven't quite finished all of the breakfast dishes, and there is cereal fermenting somewhere in your sink (not that I have EVER experienced THAT- hahaha...ho boy). Heed not the fermenting cereal, and make thyself these caramels! Thou shalt not regret it. Here is the link to the blog post and recipe for the caramels. Let's hear it for the Christmas Afterthought! Better late than never, I suppose. Enjoy, my friends!

Friday, November 23, 2012

When Only Pancakes Will Do

We survived Thanksgiving quite nicely yesterday, despite my roaring at a pie crust early in the morning, and dealing with an especially belligerent turkey. In the end, though, the crust was flaky and beautifully rustic, and nobody got sick from the turkey. For this, and many, many other things, I am most thankful. YES. And, no; I do not shop on Black Friday, I have never shopped on Black Friday, and I never will. I start sweating just thinking about it. My heart starts pounding ever so slightly, and I start feeling panicky. No shopping deals, no matter how appealing they could possibly be, could never, ever induce me to participate in the consumerist insanity of Black Friday. Now, let me tell you how I really feel about it...JUST KIDDING. Anyway, it's the crowds and lines that freak me out more than anything. I also have this irrational fear of being trampled in some sort of mad stampede. After all, I am only 5'0 tall. (Barely). But enough about Black Friday. It's time to talk about breakfast. Pancakes, to be precise.

I firmly believe that on certain mornings, only pancakes will do. Not just any pancakes...Wheat Germ Buttermilk Pancakes. 

Now, I realize these pancakes will not be winning any beauty contests any time soon. But before you turn up your nose and dismiss me as a hopeless leftover hippie, please allow me to extoll the virtues of wheat germ. Not only does it have a delightfully mild, nutty, and ever so slightly sweet flavor, it is packed with protein (2 tblsp. contains 25% of your daily value), no trans fat, low in sugar, cholesterol free, and sodium free. It is also an excellent source of iron and folic acid. It's basically an incredibly delicious and effective nutritional supplement. If you want to up the nutritional value of a baked good, throw some wheat germ in there. Just do it. It's also very inexpensive. Frugal folks; unite!

So there's my little plug for wheat germ.

Now let's get to the good stuff.

When it comes to pancakes, I infinitely prefer buttermilk pancakes over, um, non-buttermilk pancakes. Buttermilk adds such a lovely fluffiness and body to pancakes, and the FLAVOR, PEOPLE. Don't even get me started on the FLAVOR. When you combine buttermilk pancakes plus a bit of wheat germ, you get a fluffy, yet incredibly hearty pancake (I'm stuffed after two small pancakes) with just a hint of sweetness and nuttiness. I dare say, it truly is my favorite pancake, EVER. I do not exaggerate. I've been using the same pancake recipe for nearly 8 years, and I have no intention of deviating whatsoever. Please. I beg of thee. Try these soon.

Wheat Germ Buttermilk Pancakes
-Slightly adapted from "Whole Foods For The Whole Family", compiled and edited by Roberta Bishop Johnson. An interesting note on this cookbook: my mom handed this cookbook down to me, and it is literally falling apart. It is the second edition of the original La Leche League family cookbook. I don't cook a great deal of recipes from this book, but the breakfast section does not disappoint. 

- 2 cups of buttermilk
- 1 egg
- 1 tsp. baking powder
- 1/2 tsp. kosher salt
- 1/4 c. brown sugar
- 1/4 c. canola oil (or another flavorless oil)
- 1 1/2 c. unbleached, all-purpose flour
- 1/2 c. wheat germ

In a large bowl, place buttermilk, egg, baking soda, salt, brown sugar, and oil. Mix well. Add flour and wheat germ, beating only until large lumps disappear. Cook on a lightly greased skillet or electric griddle over medium high heat (375 degrees for the griddle). Flip pancakes when they begin to puff up a bit (they will not form little bubbles like traditional pancakes). Remove from heat after about 2 minutes, serve with maple syrup. Makes about 12 small-ish pancakes.

You can make the batter the night before and store it in a covered container overnight in the refrigerator. Also, feel free to stir in blueberries, etc. to jazz up the pancakes.

How about you? Do you have a favorite style of pancakery?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Ten Things

1) A couple of weeks ago, Steve and I decided to take advantage of our tax dollars and utilize the storytime for 3-5 year olds at our local public library. We dropped off David and Daniel in the storytime room, danced a jig, then took turns browsing. It is a many-splendored thing to browse unfettered. We will return. Oh, we will return. Bonus: my children did not set off the fire alarm (like my sister Meg did at the ripe old age of three), run away, or start wrestling. Win!

2) I've been a yogurt-making fool lately. Try it.

3) I am actually full after eating half a pomegranate. Have you tried an actual fresh pomegranate? Fear not the de-seeding process, my friends! This technique takes me less than five minutes, and can I just say how wonderful it is to sprinkle fresh pomegranate arils into homemade yogurt? It is truly outstanding.

4) I can't put this book down. It involves Maine, self-sustaining farms, hippies, and family tragedy. Beautifully written, this moving memoir captures a pivotal point in history in regards to the "back-to-the-land" movement.

6) This blog post cut me to the quick the other day. Motherhood has been, um, a rather robust challenge these days.

7) I might be losing my voice. This may or may not be a good, nay; GREAT thing.

8) Around this time of year, I start to yearn for a trip to England. I attribute this to the fact that Steve and I got engaged in England the day after Thanksgiving almost 9 years ago. To be precise, we got engaged at the oldest restaurant in London.  To say it was glorious is to make a devastating understatement. One of these days, I'll post the whole crazy story. But today is not that day. Oh, England. I will love you forever. Lake District, you're next.

9) True story: Steve and I have participated in a book group for quite a few years now. I have this dreadful, dreadful habit of starting our chosen book, then all of a sudden getting terribly interested in basically every other book on earth but the one I am actually supposed to be reading. Does this happen to anyone else?? It's not that I didn't have time to finish the book...I just read about 7 other books in the meantime. And yes; I am currently in the process of doing that very thing as we speak.

10) Lucas threw my digital camera in the garbage. No, I didn't see him do it, but I know my children. No problem, said I. I'll just use my iPhone until I can save up some money for a new camera. That was all well and good, until I got a pesky notification on my phone that the memory was almost full. What. Just. Happened. "Wait a minute," said Steve. "How many pictures do you have on your phone?" "Only 2,302!" I huffed. When Steve finally stopped laughing about ten minutes later, I realized that I'm going to have to do some housekeeping on the old iPhone. Pray for me.

11) Okay, okay, I know I said ten things. Did you really expect me to stick to that? Yesterday, I made banana muffins, banana bread, and this glorious soup for dinner. I haven't had such a satisfying soup in quite some time, and this one was just perfect for easing into late fall. Late fall, I fear ye not!! At least not yet...

I just deleted over 1,000 pictures from my phone. Don't worry; everything was saved and backed up before I deleted them. I'm suffering only mild heart palpitations. 

On that note, Happy Friday, and have a lovely weekend. :-)

Friday, October 5, 2012

And Just Like That...

...Lucy is six months old.

It just happened. I blinked my eyes, and it just happened. I know what I'm about to write is quite cliche, but I simply. Can't. Help. Myself. How on earth did half a year just fly by? And how on earth did I end up with such an astoundingly sweet baby girl? I thank God every day for her and her marvelously crazy brothers.

I love how big she's getting. I treasure how small she still is.

Blue eyes!! It finally happened. 

My Lucy Hannah. I am looking forward to so many things with you. Happy half-year, baby girl!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Answer To (Nearly) Everything In Life

Most of life is quite complicated, but every once in a great while, there lies an answer so incredibly obvious, you will: A) wonder why on earth you didn't think of it sooner, and: B) how in the world you ever got on without it. One fine example is how I taught my dear brother the many-splendored virtues of vinegar as a cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing agent. Like many poor souls before him, he gave me a weird-eyeballed look that said,"Okey dokey, you goofy little hippie", and went on his muscular way. I pleaded with him most fervently to try it (okay, I shoved the spray bottle at him, and growled,"TRY IT"), and once he did, he couldn't stop singing the praises of the good old 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. Cheapness, er, frugality prevails!! That is just one example of something so simple, yet so life-changing. The other life-changer, well, I just don't know if I can muster up the courage to share it with you. I've come this far. I must press on and tell you The Answer To (Nearly) Everything In Life: 

Put an egg on it. 

That's right. You heard me. Put an egg on it. 

You may be saying,"Well, DUH, Mary; I've been throwing poached or fried eggs on my veggies/potatoes/children/cereal/pizza/oatmeal/second cousin's sister's nephew for YEARS. What took you so long?" I may be quite late to the egg party, but hey man, I'm here now, and have no plans to take off anytime soon. It all started with grilled asparagus. I had read in A Homemade Life about putting a fried egg on top of leftover Ratatouille, and I was quite smitten with the idea. When I was left with a generous amount of leftover asparagus, I knew exactly what to do. And then there was sauteed zucchini.

And many, many others. It has become my mantra- "Put an egg on it." It's far from original, but it will solve just about every culinary dilemma you are presented with. Even the boys have fallen hard for veggies with poached eggs on top, and before you give me the whole "My child wouldn't touch that with a ten-foot pole yadda yadda yadda" let me ask you: HAVE YOU TRIED?? Well, if not, try this:

Steamed Broccoli with Parmesan and Poached Eggs

By Mary Johnson, Extreme Egg Enthusiast.

This is perfect for when you have nothing in the fridge except half a dozen eggs, a head or two of broccoli, and 1/4 wedge of Parmesan cheese. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...AHEM. 

First, chop two heads of broccoli into small-ish florets. Steam (in a saucepan on the stovetop in just enough water to cover the broccoli or a countertop steamer) the broccoli for 10 minutes. NOT A MINUTE MORE OR LESS. Just kidding. In the meantime...

 Fill a frying pan slightly less than halfway with water, place over medium heat, and bring to a slightly aggressive simmer. While the water is heating up, crack an egg into a ramekin to ensure a perfect transfer to the pan, like so: (easy does it!)

 Repeat the egg process three more times, for a lovely even number of four eggs. I hate prime numbers. Just thought I'd share. WARNING: At this point, the eggs are going to look like a heinous, horrendous, disgusting, grotesque mess. DO. NOT. PANIC. That's an order! See my revolting poached eggs? It's okay! It really is! Hang in there!

Fight that panicky feeling inside and give those eggers a good 3-4 minutes of simmering, occasionally "basting" the top of the eggs with a little water. I just use a large spoon and scoop a little bit of the hot water on the tops of the eggs. I find it helps "seal" in a perfect poach.

While the eggs finish poaching, drain the broccoli, and toss with a little bit of olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, and a heaping tablespoon of freshly grated parmesan cheese. Divide the broccoli among 4 bowls (fourth bowl not pictured here- sorry), and gently nestle the egg amongst the broccoli. FORGIVE ME FOR THE UPSIDE-DOWN PICTURE. I CAN BARELY STAND IT MYSELF. But for some reason, iPhoto is being weird right now, and I am quite irked. Anyway, season with salt and pepper, and eat it with a most ferocious passion. 

Yes. The verdict is Yes. The boys regularly request "bloccoli with eggs", and I am more than happy to oblige. 

So there you have it. You heard from me. Put an egg on it. When you find yourself in a culinary dilemma, Put an egg on it. When you find yourself questioning the meaning of life, Put an egg on it. When life hands you lemons, throw an egg in its face, I mean, Put an egg on it. 

And that's all I really have to say about that. 

Stay tuned for more egg-related adventures soon!! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Comforts of A Good Biscuit

Right now, I am sitting at our (very) small kitchen table, eating this delicious soup because I am in denial that it's still August and we have about 1.5 months of summer left before Fall really gets going around here. Steve has very politely requested that I hold off on roasting any more chickens, simmering rich, velvety chowders, and baking obnoxious amounts of biscuits until the weather mellows out a bit more (read- STOP MAKING THE HOUSE A RAGING INFERNO, MARY). Darn it. Just when I was getting started...oh, well. Mark my words, October. I'm going to roast, bake, braise, and simmer the heck out of you. BE READY.

 Now where was I?

Ah, yes; soup.

I love, love, love soup. I like it rich. I like it thick. I like an IN YOUR FACE flavor. I detest weak, pale, apologetic soups, except when I'm recovering from the flu, and in a situation like that, I cling to a childhood favorite- Mrs. Grass. But with that sole exception, I love a good, brave, honest soup. What else do I love about soup? As a mama of 4 lovely children (ages 5, 4, 2, and 4 months), I find it incredibly convenient and satisfying to get something delicious simmering during the afternoon, and free up the crazy, bewildering witching hour which plagues all parents (don't you dare pretend that your children are perfect from the hours of 3-6). When I have a soup ready to go, I'm able to make a simple and delicious side to accompany the marvelousness of it all, such as a quick loaf of bread in the bread maker, or something even more rich and satisfying...


Not Bisquick biscuits. Go big or go home, pal.

In recent months, I have avoided biscuits because they do involve a little busy work, but I am finding that the reward of a beautiful, hot, flaky, buttery biscuit is completely, totally, and utterly worth the effort. Also:
1) It's very "Mommy, can I help you" friendly.
2) It doesn't. Have. To be. Perfect.

And so, I'm going to share my number one favorite biscuit recipe with you- Buttermilk Biscuits. 

A few tips:

1) If you're short on time (and I usually am), just knead the dough right in the prep bowl.
2) If you're REALLY short on time (and I usually am), just tear off pieces of dough after kneading it (think somewhere in between the size of a golf ball and a baseball), form it into a rough biscuit shape, and throw it on the baking sheet. The kids LOVE doing this, and they're good at it. Don't sell the little folks short!
3) Parchment-lined baking sheet- it matters. It really does. Don't go cheap here, people. BUY THE PARCHMENT. BUY IT, I SAY!!

And that's basically it.

In other news...

Next week, we start school. In other words, we are being as lazy as humanly possible this week, or at least, I AM. And I shall not apologize for it. Not one bit, because next week I'm going to come out with guns blazing and no turning back. How's that for a disturbing image? I shall now leave you with a few pics of home life around here lately...

I think Jane Austen put it best: "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."

Happy Tuesday! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



We hiked around a local cross country trail. I had Lucy in the baby carrier, and considering that we hiked about 3 miles, the boys did a fantastic job. Then we had a delightful little picnic lunch afterwards, which was also quite fantastic.

We came home and have done very, very little since arriving home. Folding laundry, reading blogs, doing some summer math lessons with David, doing a much-needed load of diapers in the wash, making Green Monster Spinach Smoothies, and getting super-pumped about our upcoming adventure to the Adler Planetarium tomorrow. Yes, it's true. Steve surprised us with some unexpected time off of work, so it's off to Chicago for us (our favorite big city).

I am desperately trying to motivate myself to cook tonight. Everything is simple, defrosted, and ready to go. I'm just a wee bit exhausted from the morning hike. ZZZzzzzzzz...*snort cough* I'm awake, I'm awake!

I have had an epiphany of sorts. I've grown weary of wasting precious time doing things that have no eternal value whatsoever. I need to play piano more often, engage in creativity more often, blog more often, and work out more often. A lot of "more oftens", but it simply must be done.

I don't like hummus. There, I said it. I've tried, and tried, and tried, but I just lose interest after 2 bites.

I double-dipped a tortilla chip today. Wow, this is getting more and more personal. I should stop.

Lots of exciting ambitions coming to my kitchen soon! Ratatouille! Peach Clafouti! Peach Galette! PEACHES PEACHES PEACHES PEACHES. And peaches.

I miss my sister Meg. She moved to the mountains of North Carolina, and now she's suffering, simply suffering her way through local, organic food, misty mountains, and cool evenings. Suffering, I tell you!

The lake smells like dead fish today. I don't like those days.

I spilled salsa on a white shirt.

It's 5:15. I should probably start procrastinating making dinner!

Looking forward to Fall, homeschooling, soups, stews, chowders, and bisques,

Skary Mary :-)

Do you like to linger with summer? Or are you like me, anxiously awaiting the arrival of fall? What do you look forward to baking/cooking the most in the cooler months?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Random Recaps, Roast Chicken, and a Summer Salad Staple

As I type this, I am sitting in my sister Megan's kitchen. My beautiful little baby girl Lucy is sleeping in the studio portion of this lovely, gracious old apartment, and Megan is busy making approximately 23,498 frappucinos in 7.5 minutes at Starbucks. I'm...basically...ALONE. Yes, it's true. Lucy and I are celebrating our first girl's weekend with Auntie Meg, and after an incredibly uneventful drive in which I set the cruise control and basically sat motionless for 2.5 hours, I am savoring every single darn moment of this very rare time. *cue a very long, very satisfied sigh of complete and utter contentment*

So what am I doing? Blogging.

What better time to get caught up on some of the happenings here at The Epic Adventures of Skarymop & Co. than right now? Let's not delay a single moment!

First, a small recap of last month's highlights. Our precious Lukie-Loo, Lukers, The Luke, Geeko Geeko, Cool Hand Luke, our sweet Lucas turned two in June.

Lucas after smashing his nose on the bathtub.

Mommy and Lukie.

Wild Man Lucas.

Buzz Lukeyear to the rescue!

Fun with Unky Nate.

Dear Lord, thank You for our platinum blonde, ever-so-toothy, little lad Lucas. Thank You that he is in that wonderful stage of still liking me. I pray for the Holy Spirit to empower us as we embark upon that stage that is oh-so-innocently (and deceptively) entitled "POTTY TRAINING". 

Amen, and Amen. 

Moving on.

Random Recap Item #2: My herb garden is exploding in the most scandalous manner. Now don't laugh; I realize that my herb garden is a bit on the pathetically small side, but as someone who desperately lacks the gift of gardening (why, oh WHY does everything DIE on me??), I am positively thrilled with the immense herbaceousness of it all. I've also learned something about myself: If I can eat it, I will grow it. Practicality prevails!! It all started with a little basil and oregano from my mother-in-law...

...And then a little thyme and some chives from me mum...

We call him..."Spike". 

Put it together and what have you got...Bibbity Bobbity...HERBS!

Hmm. Somehow doesn't quite have the same ring to it. At any rate, I am delighted and yet overwhelmed with the prolificness of it all. What to do with all of this green goodness? Well, basil; that's easy. PESTO PESTO PESTO x infinity. Done. Chives? Snip them into scrambled eggs (the boys regularly request eggs and chives), sprinkle them over potato salad, make a chive dip, munch on them to attract your husband (HAHA)...chives are very adaptable. Oregano? Strip the leaves from the stem, tear them up or coarsely chop them, then sprinkle onto your homemade pizza on PIZZA NIGHT! And then there's thyme...O Thyme of Great Mysteriousness, what shalt we do with thee? Well, I am of the most humble opinion that thyme goes better with chicken than any other meat alive (or dead, for that matter), and so I give to thee (after a heatwave of 100 degrees for nearly a week straight)...

Roast Chicken with Lemon and Thyme
- Slightly adapted from the February 2006 issue of Real Simple

1 3-4 lb. roasting chicken
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 1/2  tsp. kosher salt, divided
1/4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
1 lemon
1 large bunch of thyme

-Preheat oven to 450 degrees (I know, I know). Rinse the chicken inside and out, then remove its gross innards (giblets, etc). Pat the birdie dry with a paper towel, then place breast-side up in a roasting pan or a dutch oven (I LOVE my 7.5 quart Le Creuset for this). Tuck the chicken wings behind it (think placing your hands behind your head and relaxing on a sunny beach). Rub the chicken all over with the olive oil, then sprinkle it with 1 tsp. of salt and the pepper. Cut the lemon in half; squeeze one half over the chicken, then place the other half in the cavity. Take the thyme and stuff it in the cavity alongside the lemon. Place in the oven and roast, uncovered, for 20 minutes. Lower the oven temperature to 425 degrees, then add 1 cup of water to the roasting pan. Continue to roast, uncovered, for 45-50 minutes or until done. Let sit for 10-15 minutes before carving. 

I know what you're thinking. "She's NUTS. Why on earth is she posting a roast chicken recipe in JULY??" Okay, okay; fair enough. Just bookmark the darn thing for October, and you can thank me later. Believe me, my friends; you want to hang on to this one. The lemon just infuses the entire chicken with such a warm, bright flavor, and the thyme adds a wonderfully bright freshness to it. And prep time? Under 10 minutes. I love to serve this with a rice pilaf and peas, or a loaf of homemade bread. It's just one of those meals that is the epitome of comfort food. And we could all stand a little comfort here and there, couldn't we? 

Thus ends Random Recap Item #2.

Let us end this most prolonged post with something actually fitting for summertime. It is time for...

Tomato, Cucumber, and Onion Salad.

This salad is a summer staple for us at any barbeque, birthday party, etc. My mom made it frequently for us during the warmer months, and I have no idea where she got the recipe. It was probably from a church potluck of sorts, and those are always good places for forgetting where a recipe came from at an alarming rate of speed. Since then, I have added a couple of my own little twists to it. It's ridiculously easy:

1) Slice four tomatoes into wedges.
2) Halve a generous handful of yellow grape tomatoes (it adds such lovely color!)

3) Slice 1 English cucumber into very thin rounds. (SO thrilled with my translucent slices! I'm having way too much fun with my new mandoline slicer.)

4) Slice 1/2 an onion into very thin slices. Wow, that wasn't repetitive at all. 

5) Add 1/2 bottle of Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing (DON'T. HATE.)

6) Toss it all together, refrigerate for about 30 minutes to let the flavors combine and marinate a bit.


Very fresh, quick, and yummy, although I must admit to growing a tiny bit weary of the extreme sweetness of good ol' Zesty Italian. I've been making my own salad dressing for a couple of years now, so I'm thinking it might be time to change things up a bit and try this for a slightly more sophisticated flavor. If it works out nicely, I'll post it here. 

WOW. If I haven't overwhelmed you tonight, then we'll probably be pals for a while. From my sister's tiny kitchen to yours, have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Friday Foto(s) on Saturday

We had ourselves a grand day yesterday. We spent some time with Nana and Grandpa at our beloved Kohl's Children Museum in Glenview, IL. I love this place of exploration and discovery, not just because my kids absolutely love it, but because I get to hear and observe so very many amusing things from other parents..."Sadie, look at Daddy. Daddy wants to take a picture of you, precious! Look at Daddy. Look at Daddy. Look at Daddy, beautiful! Look at Daddy. Sadieeeeee! Look at Daddy. Lookitdaddy Lookitdaddy Lookitdaddy Lookitdaddy!!!!!!" This went on for some time. And then...(my personal favorite of the day)..."Pull your pants up, buddy. Yes, all the way." Boys. What else can I say? Yes, it's awfully nice knowing that I am not alone in this League of Extraordinarily Bewildered Parents. So, here we go. Here's some pictures of our little adventure yesterday. Enjoy your weekend!

And there you have it. Building towering "sandwiches", splashing away in the waterworks room, and gorgeous baby girls. Stay tuned for more adventures soon!