Wordless Wednesdays

Friday, June 13, 2014

Ten Things

1) It rarely rains in Yakima. I miss the rain. And I miss a good old-fashioned Midwestern thunderstorm. Today, however; it rained! Alot! I breathed in the glorious scent of fresh rain, and the kids played on a new-to-us playground in the rain. Triumph. 

2) Rudyard Kipling, I am done with you. I have tried again and again to read your works, even as a 10 year old slogging my way through the wicked accents of Captains Courageous, and I have come to the conclusion that we were never meant to be. I cannot handle the roundabout-ness of it all. For the love of literature and all things sane, come to the point, man! You will not be a part of my life anymore, O Best Beloved.

3) Lucy threw up in the car on the way to Seattle. I caught ALL OF IT in a plastic grocery sack. We were in the middle of the Wenatchee National Forest when this most unfortunate event occurred. The conversation before, during, and after this occurred went a little something like this:

Lucy: "Mommy, I sick!!"

Me: "Oh no. I knew this was going to happen. Steve, I'm going in."

*Mary climbs into the back seat while Steve is flying through the mountains at 75 mph.*

Mary: "Here, Lucy. Let Momma help." *opens bag*

Lucy, shaking her head violently and crying: "NO NO NO!!"

Me, probably louder than I should have been: "LUCY. YOU HAVE TO THROW UP IN THE BAG."

She did. THANK YOU, LORD. You are too good to me.

Me: "Uh oh. The bag is starting to drip. I need to get rid of this thing!"

Steve: *slams on the brakes and pulls over*

*Mary jumps out of the car and because we are in a national forest and cannot, in good conscience, just leave the bag ($500 fine, anyone??) turns the bag upside down VERY CAREFULLY and proceeds to trail the contents out in the grass. Mary ran back and forth a few times doing this, then opened up the back of the van to find the mother lode: An entire stash of gift bags in various sizes that were destined for Goodwill, but had not yet found their way there. Procrastination to the rescue!! Mary placed the ick bag in two doubled up gift bags, rolled the tops over, stuck them in the back of van, disinfected her hands, and got back in the van.* 

We proceeded to make our way to Issaquah, Washington (um, GORGEOUS little place) without further incident. We stopped to have lunch at Chipotle. This was an event of truly epic proportions, because sadly, there is no Chipotle in Yakima. As we approached the restaurant with great anticipation and reverence, Steve walked over to a large dumpster. He was holding the puke bag(s). The dumpster was marked for PAPER and PLASTIC. Steve tossed it in there. Boom.

And THAT is how it's done, folks. (Never mind that it was most likely a violation of biohazard disposal. Don't burst my bubble.)

4) Cherries are now in season in Yakima. If I ever had an inkling of a doubt about being here, it has been thoroughly banished by the consumption of local cherries. My head is spinning with the possibilities. 

5) All I want to eat lately is roasted cauliflower. With an egg on it (naturally). You must, must, MUST try this roasted cauliflower recipe. The onions caramelize so sweetly, and the garlic turns into this wonderfully mellow, yet rich, savory delight. And the cauliflower? Don't even get me started. I've been eating more vegetarian meals for lunch the last few months because I have been finding that eating heated up leftovers (as delicious and healthy as they may be) makes me quite sluggish for the remainder of the afternoon. Sluggish is not an option for me these days, so bring on the veggies, fruits, and protein. 

6) The children; they are growing so fast lately, it seems. I am working on being a more patient momma  these days. It's actually kinda working. 

7) Would you just look at these little ladies?

                                   "Can I have some of your apple, Lucy?"

                                    "Please? I'm looking right at it. I can do this."


                                      "Oh, very well; then I'll just lick your arm."

In other news, I would like to make an earth-shattering statement: GIRLS ARE SO DIFFERENT THAN BOYS. This has been a public service announcement. 


7) The big boys are playing flag football. The coaches keep adding tiny variations to the schedule, which is basically slaying my soul. However, the boys are having a great time, so let's focus on that, shall we?

8) Tillamook Oregon Blueberry ice cream is a revelation beyond revelations (hi, Jenelle!)

9) We are going to California! In August! For Steve's grandma's 90th birthday! Right by the ocean! Steve is going to have to swim after me and drag me out against my will. Now, if we could just avoid Lucy getting sick on the drive down or back...*prays*

10) House hunting is an astoundingly emotional process. We are having quite the time finding something that suits our needs best, and it's getting a bit discouraging, to be honest. But sometimes, when you think a decision is going to be difficult to make, God just sort of settles it for you. I had been agonizing over this one gorgeous older home which Steve and I had taken a look at back in November and decided against it because the basement was a bit of a freakish dungeon. Well, I needed closure. I needed to see this lovely home again. Maybe it could work! *idiotic optimism* So Steve very graciously set up another showing. We walked through the house, and I could sense almost immediately that I was "over" it. But we both knew that the basement would be the clincher. We walked down. I immediately smelled something very, very wrong. Something was...dead. Sure enough, there were dead mice...AND MAGGOTS. We cleared out fairly quickly after that. And so, sometimes it's nice when a decision has become GLARINGLY OBVIOUS to oneself. Even if it involved dead mice and maggots! 

So there you have it! But let's end on a slightly more positive and less grotesque note, shall we?

My new friend Layci and I are in the official planning stages of putting together a mini-homeschool co-op for our boys in the fall, and words truly cannot express how excited I am. This girl; she is a true visionary. I am just feeling insanely blessed to have met her. My dear Wisconsin girls, I am in good hands. You'd love her. And on that blessed note, goodnight, dear friends. May you sleep well and may your basements be free of all unwanted creatures.