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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A New Adventure

Today I have officially started my blog, and all I can say is, well, IT'S ABOUT TIME. You see, I have been waffling with this seemingly uncomplicated decision for about 6 months now. Why the endless waffling; I cannot say. I guess it's just one more thing to add to my already ridiculously full and busy life, but hey; I love to write, and I love to share stories about my little family and my life. Especially when it comes to sharing great stories about FOOD. :) No, this is not "another food blog", but I will have quite a few things to say about food, for several simple reasons:
1) I LOVE to cook and bake. Not like. LOVE.
2) Cooking and baking are big stress-busters for me. When there are mass amounts of cookies, breads, new and exciting culinary concoctions flying out of my kitchen at an alarmingly high rate of speed, you can rest assured that my life is mostly likely in a shambles at the moment.
3)I love to try out new recipes on my husband and two little boys. I usually try something new once a week. So naturally, I will be sharing my success/epic failure stories concerning new recipes.
4) I have waaaay too many great cooking/eating/traveling stories to NOT share them!

So there you have it. I will also being writing about the every day adventures of my little family, since I find great pleasure in the simple, mundane tasks of real life. Mostly. Nothing puts a smile on one's face quite like reading a little snippet such as,"Today my 3 year old saw one of his closest buddies in the grocery store, and before I (or the other momma) could stop them, they raced towards each other and planted a huge kiss on each other's lips in full view of everyone in the store." While I am fully aware that many people would be less than amused with such snippets, well, too bad. It's my blog; I'll share what I am inspired to share. This is my stage of life, and I want to share it with whoever wants to read about it. I hope I can encourage and possibly even *gasp* inspire you, whoever you may be. A few more things:
1)I am expecting our third child in June. No, we did not find out what we are having; we're guessing it's a baby.We are super stoked about it! :)
2)I am also a very passionate organizer/cleaner and SCRAPBOOKER. :) There will definitely be some scrapbooking stories/pictures flitting about this blog.

Well, I've covered the basics for today. I am quite excited as I embark on The Epic Adventures of Skarymop & Co.!!

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