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Friday, November 5, 2010

Reflections on 4 years of motherhood

David turned 4 years old on Tuesday. He is my firstborn; my introduction into this crazy thing we call "Parenthood". He is my favorite firstborn son. He is...
...A very small maniac. Don't let those beautiful brown eyes fool you. This child is hard-core, ultra-intense, passionate, all-out, and of course, brilliant. Hmm. Goodness, he reminds me of someone. Who could it be...oh, of course. ME. Minus the brilliant part. David not only looks like me, but he has inherited my intense and passionate personality. The only thing he didn't get from me is his flair for the dramatic, because I am not dramatic at all. Not one iota. Nope. No drama here. *falls on the floor from suppressed laughter* David also is quite sure that he is a superhero. Not any one in particular, but he definitely feels the need to "Save the Day".
He is like his father in that aspect. Steve definitely feels the need to save the day. Alot.

I love how David lines up his cars.

I love how David builds his "really, really HUGE towers".

I love that he loves to get dirty and play outside with his bulldozers and other outdoorsy toys.

I love how he always wants to help me in the kitchen.
Yes, he's wearing a Starbucks apron. I had a short stint at Starbucks in college. This is why I'm addicted to Chai Lattes. Moving on...
Yes; I love all these things about my David boy. But what I love the most is that I learned how to be a mommy with David, and I am still learning every day. For some reason, God saw fit to bless me with three beautiful boys, and for this, I am inexpressibly grateful. Here is a little ditty I wrote about motherhood when David was about 2 months old:

A Young Mother's Prayer

Oh, Lord God,
I thank Thee for the gift of motherhood.
Nothing is so sweet as the clinging of a tiny hand.
The burying of a little head upon one's shoulder.
The first smile.
The steady gaze into mommy's eyes.
These are the things that really matter.
Help me in motherhood, Lord.
Help me to put You first so that I might be worthy of the task before me.
Help me to nurture the relationship between my husband and I so that our children will be confident in our love.
Help me to encourage my husband so that he might be worthy of the task before him.
Help me to be patient with my children so they might be patient with others.
Help me to choose my words wisely so that I might illumine and not darken their minds.
Help me to be selfless so they might learn what it means to be self-sacrificing.
Help me to train them up in Your way, Lord, so that they will not depart from it when they are old.
Help me to be aware of my actions, knowing that little eyes are upon me at all times.
Help me to do all for the glory of God, and not man.
I thank Thee for this blessed privilege.
May my husband and I raise children for Your glory and honor.
In Jesus' blessed name,

Happy Birthday, Buddy. You are my gift from above.


  1. dear Skarymop, I loved this post. I haven't even gotten to see the pictures yet because they are still loading on this slow internet connection, but I especially loved your poem. You are so blessed -- not only because you have a fantastic family and an incredible outlook on life -- but because you recognize from where your blessings come. Would that we were ALL so blessed (and aware of our blessings, as you are). Thanks for this post. Your writing is -- as you are -- a delight.


  2. You are beautiful. Your family is beautiful. Tear of sentiment.