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Monday, December 5, 2011

Every Once In a Great While

I took this picture last week. Like the unfolding of a butterfly's wings as it emerges from its cocoon for the very first time, it's like capturing a miracle of nature. Every once in a great, great while...

...David will give in about once a month to a most glorious of naps.

I guess getting up at 6:00 am, moving and talking non-stop for 14 hours/day for a month straight can get to you after a while.

No matter how crazy they are during the day, all is forgivable and even endearing when gazing upon their cherubic sleeping faces.
David, I love you. Even though you dismembered my blueberry bush a few days ago (which I had been so carefully nurturing for the past 2 years) and have apparently disregarded the need the aim in the bathroom any more, you are still my little lumberjack.

To all the little lumberjacks out there who never seem to stop moving...sleep tight.

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