Wordless Wednesdays

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Oh my. Oh me, oh my. Where does one begin? Well, here goes. Warning: the following will most likely not make very much sense. At all. Consider yourself warned.

Last night, our van died. The transmission decided that it had lived a full life, and the seven-degree temperatures only encouraged its decision to give up the mechanical ghost.
We are officially now a one-car family. *Insert massive shrieks and screams and rolling around the floor, convulsing*
We are shopping for a "new" car. I'm hoping for something that will last for about, oh, I don't know. 50 years? There are cars that last 50 years, right? Hmph. I thought so.
My kitchen floor is gross. I didn't say goodbye to Sarah. I've been feeling like a sad excuse for a mother lately. I want to go to North Carolina. I need to go to bed earlier. I need to scrapbook. I wish Spring started tomorrow. Hurray; "Three's Company" is on!!! Speaking of tuna, I will be making the Bouchons Au Thon tomorrow. I want to go to North Carolina. There's nothing like clean kitchen counters. Becoming a coffee drinker has never been more tempting. It's time to buy a navy blue jumpsuit! God Bless my mother-in-law; she comes up on Thursdays and does laundry all day. Steve is being very patient with me right now. I had some Hickory-Smoked Barbecue Sauce the other day, and I nearly cried. I want to go to North Carolina. I've discovered a new tea. I forgot the name. I love my three boys. Speaking of good haircuts, we finally started doing school again, and it's going quite well. I'm going to run tomorrow, dangit! I am grateful for having braces. I'm thirsty. Which reminds me, where is that blasted Kleenex box?? At any rate, I love my mattress, and that is where I'm headed right...about...NOW. Good night. Maybe I'll be more coherent and less random later this week. Which reminds me, I need to balance my checkbook. Good night.


  1. I love you and I just sneezed all over my hand and it was dreadful. Good luck on the car hunt. I love you. I already said that.

  2. Eew. I hate sneezing on my hands. We are most likely test-driving a Sienna tomorrow. Please help it be the one, O Lord. I love you, too.