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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And The Winner Is...

First off, I have something to say.

This had to be the most hilarious giveaway in the history of blogging giveaways. I used the random number generator at good ol' random.org, even though I could have written the numbers down on a scrap o' paper, thrown them into a hat, and pulled one out because I had a grand total...are you ready for this...4 ENTRIES.
Yep. You read that right. 4 big ones.

But you know what? That's okay.

It's moments like this when I am especially thankful I have the gift of laughing at myself. I do this...often. Laughing at myself, that is. Anyway. Let's get to it, shall we???

*And the winner of the February 2011 skarymop.blogspot giveaway is...*

#3 Heather Dzioba!!!!!!!!!


You are now the proud owner of "A Homemade Life" by Molly Wizenberg. Yippee Skippee and a bucket of rum. What? Normally, I'd say,'Contact me at skarymop@yahoo.com to claim your prize', but since I'm going to be scrapbooking with you on Friday night, I'll just bring it then. :)

So there we go. Look forward to the next giveaway in the year 2021!!! Can't wait! Stay tuned for more adventures...

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