Wordless Wednesdays

Friday, April 8, 2011

Theme of the Day: Hipstamatic, Baby!!

Wow. Can I just say how excited I am right now? I mean, I usually go through life in a fairly perpetual state of excitement, but right now, I. AM. SO. EXCITED. What is the reason for all of this obnoxious excitement? One word, my dear friends: iPhone4.

Or is that 2 words?


While I'd love to ponder the philosophical reasons behind the naming of Apple merchandise, I simply haven't the strength OR TIME to do such a thing. So let's sally forth, shall we?

Here's how it happened:

On Sunday, I was toodling around online, when all of a sudden, the internet stopped working. This normally wouldn't bother me a bit, except that it happens ALL THE TIME. We've been doing the whole song-and-dance with AT & T for a couple of months now, and Steve had decided that enough was enough. After I uttered a small groan of frustration, the following conversation ensued:

Steve: "What's wrong?"
Me: "I'm on the computer and I'm frustrated. I'll give you three guesses as to why."
Steve: "That's IT. I am going to buy us new cell phones that have built-in wireless hotspots, and then we'll dump AT & T forever!!"
*Steve grabs his coat and leaves*
Me: "What just happened?"

A couple of hours later, Steve came home with what we are now calling my early Mother's Day present and his very early Father's Day present. And now, without further ado, I shall now present to you our Fab Five Friday Foto(s) in...HIPSTAMATIC!! (my app splurge for the month!)

I just love Hipstamatic. Oh, and my baby, too.

These three are nuthin' but trouble. But cute trouble.

I look...normal. Gotta hang on to this one.

I am finding the cloudier the sky, the more dramatic the shot with Hipstamatic. I love this shot of my little back yard overlooking the baseball field.

This...is my beloved Woodman's. The culinary bastion of Kenosha. The hope of all who strive for great creativity in their kitchen creations. The gold standard. I was going to go grocery shopping yesterday, but...

Someone fell fast asleep in the car on the way, and could not be woken up for all the granola bars in the world. So I let him sleep for an hour while I took more pictures. With Hipstamatic. Yep. I do believe I'm addicted. AND...I am fully aware I posted SIX pictures, not five. Consider it a bonus for all of you wonderful people out there. HA ha ha ha...Anyway. I hope you enjoyed our little voyage into the world of Hipstamatic. I am truly stoked about the adventures that lie ahead with my new little piece of technology! Have a lovely weekend, ya'll! :)


  1. Aww! Zonked out kiddo--priceless!

    And you look GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Aww, thanks, MIndy! By the way, I LOVED your little crocheted elephant! Just adorable!

  3. I distinctly remember someone swearing they would never get an iphone! hah! so jealous!