Wordless Wednesdays

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fab Five Friday Foto(s) Part IV

Late. Again. But at any rate, here's the group for today:

This is what is known as "April in Southeastern Wisconsin." The snow is mostly gone, but it's cold, wet, cloudy, and rainy. Almost. Every. Day. Oh, and it is more than possible that we will get just one more freak spring snowstorm. It happens more than I'd like for it to happen, which would be never.
Lucas in his new favorite hiding spot/play area. Who knew curtains and patio doors could be so much fun??
New spring/fall coat!! Yes? No? Maybe? Too long? Too...pink??
My absolute favorite salsa: Bandana Bandito Black Bean/Corn Salsa. Zesty. Spicy. Chunky. Great Flavor. LOVE. NEED. CAN'T...LIVE WITHOUT. Well, I might be exaggerating. But only slightly!
I like to call this one,"Lucas after I was bragging to a friend about what a neat and tidy eater he was." The joke's on me! But he is still positively adorable; prune-encrusted face and all.

There you go, folks! Another installment in the exhaustive series "FAB FIVE FRIDAY FOTO(s)"!! Stay tuned for more rambunctiousness next week...I've got some new ideas cooking!


  1. The weather is totally getting to me too! Love the coat. Pink and all.

  2. Huge fan of that coat!! Very nice.