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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nursery "Before" Pictures!

As all of my readers are (painfully) aware of, we are awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby girl in April. Now that I have officially entered my last trimester, nesting (another way of describing COMPLETE AND UTTER PANIC) has commenced full bore, and we've got some fun changes heading our way in the area of...*trumpet fanfare* NURSERY DECOR!!! Today I shall be sharing our "before" pictures of the nursery, and before I do that, let me warn you I have not touched our nursery in 5 years. Well, besides cleaning it, of course!! Goodness. Anyway, we chose a very gender-neutral theme for the nursery the first time around, because we chose not to find out what we were having (we assumed it was a baby). And since then, either finances or sheer lack of motivation precluded us from making any other changes...until NOW. :-) Thanks to Pinterest, I now have enough inspiration and ideas to last me 10 more babies. NOT THAT 10 MORE BABIES ARE IN THE PLAN. Just clarifying.

So here we go.

This is the view as you enter the room. I apologize for the blurry picture. One thing we are NOT changing is the paint color. I love this yellow. I'm taking it with me forever. It will also be a fun contrast to the quilt that my friend Rachel is making for the baby as a gift. Rachel is an amazing quilter. If I could acquire 1/10 the sewing skills that she possesses in my lifetime, I will count myself most blessed among women.

The window. Obviously. Worn-out roller shades and slightly fraying white cotton drapes. Big changes happening here, believe me!

A comfy chair for nursing, a very cute green nightstand (neither of which are going anywhere), a few toys, and some sparse and simple decor. This is what you would call a "low budget nursery". Significant changes on the decor front coming soon.

Another view of the room. I love that little dresser- it's always been the perfect size for this room.
Some very sweet wall hangings above the changing table. A lady in our church, who is a very accomplished seamstress, made these for our firstborn son. If you flip the little fabric squares, it spells out "DAVID" on the back. So cute! And I always appreciated that she made these double-sided so we could use them with subsequent babies, which, I may point out, we have! I will be putting these away *sniff sniff*, but I've got some new ideas for this little area that I've just got to try.

There you have it! I've actually already completed a couple of craft projects for the new-and-improved nursery, so now it's just a matter of waiting to move little Lucas out into the big boys' room (scared to death for this event) and finishing up a few other projects. Stay tuned! It's such a thrill to be able to share this with ya'll. Have a great weekend!


  1. The yellow is really pretty! Can't wait to see how you transform it. =)

  2. Thanks, Mindy! I'm having a blast with my little projects. :-)