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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where Does One Begin?

As I sat down to *gasp* blog tonight, all I could think of was:

1) I don't even know where to start.

2) See above.

So I suppose I shall cut myself some slack and use the ever-faithful, ever effective LIST.

I love lists.

I mean, really really love lists.

Like, I can't live without them.

As in, I panic when I don't have paper and a pen nearby. Yes, I know I have an iPhone, and I can makes myriads of lists on that glorious device, but for me, there is nothing as effective as physically writing out a list.

Besides, I have pretty fantastic handwriting. (Did I actually write that?)

So let's commence with the list-making already, shall we? (I shall try to ignore my sudden fierce craving for popcorn)

Item #1:
We spent Christmas in beautiful, breathtaking, and totally rad Colorado this year.

This is the view from my sister-in-law's patio. It drove me crazy that no matter how nice of a picture I took, it didn't even come close to doing the real thing any justice whatsoever. My sister-in-law and her husband (both totally lovely people) moved out to the Denver area last year, and they are really enjoying it. I. LOVED. Denver. My MIL and FIL also drove out to join in on the festivities, and I had the privilege of spending a girl's day out with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law in downtown Denver. It was such a cool city!! We had a delicious lunch at a wonderful cafe (linguini with broccoli rabe, toasted pine nuts, prosciutto, basil pesto, and goat cheese; anyone??)...

Enjoyed a stroll down Larimer street...

There was an actual MILLINER on this street. How incredibly endearing is that? Not that I'm a big hat person (I'm pretty sure I just might have the world's smallest head), but just the fact that it was there pretty much charmed my socks off. And then...

We saw a play at one of the playhouses in the Denver Performing Arts Center! The PAC was an amazing venue. It reminded me of an old-fashioned train terminal; almost European.


I haven't had this happen to me very often, but Denver was definitely one of those places that I visited and thought,"You know what, I could totally live here." It's true. I loved it that much. And the people were so nice! I even witnessed a man WHISTLING a happy little tune as he crossed the street. People were....HAPPY. And so, despite that fact that our poor David ended up in the emergency room on Christmas Eve due to an allergic reaction AND walking pneumonia (it's ALWAYS an adventure with that one), and both he and Steve had to spend the remainder of the vacation in a hotel due to the increasing severity of David's cat allergies (we made the best of it and brought presents and Christmas dinner to the hotel), we loved Colorado and enjoyed the time spent with family as best as we could. The drive was totally fine- I really do think the kids are becoming seasoned travelers. Now if we just avoid health catastrophes once we get to our destination, then we'd really be in business. In other news, I slept through most of Nebraska, and was pleasantly surprised with Iowa (I know!!). I experienced the best customer service EVER at a Subway restaurant in Urbandale, IA. Besides the fact that there were 20 people in front me and the line took only about 5 minutes, the employee at the front of the sandwich assembly line TIPPED HIS HAT AT ME AND CALLED ME MA'AM. Combine that with great roads, incredibly clean rest areas...Iowa; you're all right. ALSO...we actually got a great family picture during our trip! So all was not lost, and miracles DO happen!

Glasses Nerds Forever.

Thus ends Item #1.

Item #2:

In an effort to change things up around here, I've been scouring food blogs of a slightly different nature. I hate convenience foods, but I've been realizing I really need to add to my arsenal of SIMPLE, yet healthy meals. I think I've struck a balance with the Iowa Girl Eats blog. Tonight, I made this, and it was an indisputable hit. All three boys devoured an entire bowl of this delicious soup, and I must confess to having 2 bowls. It was just perfect; not too thick, not too soupy, and what flavor! All in about 20 minutes, so I think the Iowa Girl and I might have a groovy thing going, baby (Sorry. I've had a lot of Simon and Garfunkel stuck in my head lately). Check it out! I promise you won't be disappointed. Iowa Girl is also a runner, so she has lots of workout posts and fitness tips as well as healthy, delicious, and simple recipes. Sounds perfect for the New Year, doesn't it? I do so love a New Year. I am one of those freakish people who absolutely itches to break free of the Christmas shackles once December 26th rolls around. NO MORE. NO MORE. I LOVE a new year. It's so...pristine. I also love setting goals, and attacking said goals with a most ferocious vigor. Clear out, folks. Mary's got herself a new year! Roar!


Thus ends Item #2.

We've certainly covered a tremendous amount of territory tonight. Life has resumed its wonderfully familiar rhythm around here...

Soothing teething toddlers...

Re-heating Infusino's pizza for lunch on a Saturday...

Making French Chocolate Cake for friends...

Enjoying my little Sous Chef...

Ahh. Home Sweet Home.

What's your favorite aspect of a New Year? I'd love to know. :) Happy Almost-Halfway-Through-The-Week, ya'll!

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