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Saturday, May 5, 2012

On Babies and Salads (what else?)

And just like that, it's May.

It's been quite dormant around here on the Epic Adventures of Skarymop & Co. lately, but believe me, my friends; I have the best possible reason as to why that is. It's because...

We done had ourselves a baby girl!!!!

*fireworks, streamers, fainting porcupines, and other festivities!!*

Yes, indeedy. On Thursday, April 5th, at 11:14 am, our beautiful baby girl Lucy Hannah Johnson made her way into the world after an unprecedented 30 minutes of active labor (7 to 10 centimeters in 1.5 minutes, anyone??). This was after nearly 2 days of early labor symptoms, of course, but let's not dwell on that, shall we? Let us forge ahead to these wonderfully and woefully sleepy days of snuggling this beautiful, blessed little lady who has stolen our hearts in a most precious way.

You must forgive my slight half-crazed expression. As positively glorious as these early days are, they are exhausting, and I must say, the next innocent bystander who has the chutzpa to tell me that they're tired just might get a very loving, fervent, and sincere punch in the face. Did I just say that? At any rate, I am in love. Again. And so here I sit with 6 red vines, a Jazz apple, 16 ounces of ice water, Pandora, slippers with holes in them, and this blog. Which brings me to my next topic...LUNCH (I know; way to  go to a smooth transition, right?).

Any momma who's worth her salt knows that lunch tends to be a bit of an afterthought. After all, who has time to prepare something healthy AND delicious for herself when there are hotdogs rolling across the floor, milk flying through the air, Cheerios crunching underfoot, half-eaten baby carrots being spat out, spider monkeys flying out of the microwave and the like. You know. The usual. Now hear this: there is a way. I shall show you the way. Allow me to introduce to you:

The Simple, Sassy Salad. From My Brain To Yours. 

It's shamefully simple. Allow me to show you.

The Components:

- A handful of fresh, flat-leaf parsley, chopped
- Juice from one lemon
- 2-3 marinated artichoke heart quarters, coarsely chopped
-  Don't laugh- 1 can of chickpeas (or ANY kind of bean you like- Great Northern Beans or white Canellini beans would be delicious in this), rinsed and drained.
- A couple of generous spoonfuls of feta cheese
- A couple of generous spoonfuls of the marinating oil from the artichoke jar
- Kosher salt, to taste. ALWAYS TASTE.

Toss all ingredients together, and EAT, for goodness' sake; EAT!!! This healthy, filling salad takes about 5 minutes to assemble, so no excuses. I am currently researching and trying healthy lunch recipes that I can whip together in 5-10 minutes, so I will continue to post the recipes that I consider to be a success. As God is my witness, I shall never eat my children's sandwich crusts again and deem that to be an acceptable lunch. Amen.

 Well, I consider this post to be a fairly acceptable re-entry into the blogosphere. And now, if you would excuse me, I shall finish the remaining 6.75 ounces of my ice water, print out a few recipes, feed my sweet-cheeked cherub, kiss her 12, 357 times, then tumble into bed. Ah, life. :-)

What about you? Do you scavenge off of your children's plates? Or are you carmelizing shallots and broiling chicken breasts for your lunch? DO tell!


  1. She's gorgeous!! And I love your salad combo--I'll be keeping that in mind. ;-)