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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fab Five Friday Foto(s) Part 32.85

Tired. Unmotivated. Sweaty and smelly (hey. I just went running!). Mountains of laundry to be folded. 2-year-olds who won't surrender to bedtime. Must. Make. More. Granola Bars! So good. Blackberry cabernet sorbet. Tired. Tomorrow is Starbucks day, tomorrow is Starbucks day, tomorrow is Starbucks day. Clean towels. Clean sheets. Yes. Small victories. Good garage sales. Homemade pizza.

Yep. I guess it's been a pretty good day. A pretty good week, even. And the highlight of our week was...

FAB FIVE FRIDAY FOTO(S) coming to you live (almost) from Chicago!!!

Yes indeedy; Steve and I took the precious offspring down to Navy Pier on Tuesday, and we had an amazing time. I do love Chicago, and I find myself very comfortable there. But, as the old saying goes, "You can take a girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of a girl."

Or something like that.

And that kind of sums me up.

So here we go.

A lovely view from the top floor of the Chicago Children's Museum. Thank You, Lord; for reciprocal admission. YESSS.

My wonderful, adorable, beautiful, gorgeous 11-month old. He leaves me breathless with gratitude.

My cute little swashbuckler.

Father and sons. Tallness abounds.

Mommy and sons. A severe lack of tallness abounds.

One of the many beautiful, beautiful homes we gawked at on our leisurely drive home. Why, oh why do they not build homes like this any more?? I cannot tell you how this injures my soul. I. Love. Old. Homes. And old trees!! AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!!!

So there.

I hope we can still be friends despite my acting in such a scandalous manner. Sometimes I simply cannot help myself. On that note, Happy Friday, and Happy Spring, Wisconsin!!


  1. Happy Summer, today! I went running Friday night, too. Wish we lived closer. Can you imagine arranging babysitting for 7 children, so we could run! Hah!

  2. Oh my! I'd cover for your 7 children!! I'd do just about ANYthing to avoid running. I definitely love a good walk (especially a fast walk), but I'm not a fan of running. So give us a big bowl of popcorn or books to read, and I'd much prefer herding 7 children to running. ;-)

    As always, love all the pictures!

  3. Rachel, because I'm crazy, I would totally do it. If we lived closer, we could also do "hobby swap" days. You take mine, I scrapbook all day. I take yours, you sew all day. :)
    Mindy, you make me laugh! I could totally see you munching popcorn with the kids and having a blast.