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Friday, May 27, 2011

Fab Five Friday Foto(s) blah blah blah

I am blah today. Just plain old blah. Blah, blah, blah. Highlights of my day include:

1) Having a Skype date with my dear Sarah from across the pond.
2) Eating a Twix bar after dinner.
3) My 4-year-old dictated a story to me that made me laugh so hard I was weeping, snorting, and shedding mascara, all at the same time. Here it is (you may or may not find this amusing):

The Baby Dinosaur Who Never Grew Up

By David Matthew Johnson

Once upon a time, there was a baby dinosaur who never grew up. So the baby dinosaur decided to go to David’s house, and he saw millions of dollars. And David’s house was so big, he saw no one, and he decided to go for a walk. He saw that no one was with him, so he decided to run. And he caught up with his sisters and brothers and he was the father, and he saw his wife. This is the last part.


It gets better.

Well, he got across the street. He looked both ways, and then he crossed to the other. And then, he saw that no one was with him, so he started running again!

He decided to cross the street again, and it was very, very cold. Then he saw a hole and he fell into the hole and he hurt his head in the hole and he was upside-down falling. Then he decided that he was growing bigger and bigger and bigger. Then he saw another hole and he fell on his feet. And then he grew bigger. Then he decided no one was with him again, and he started running faster and faster and faster.

So he was with his son. He was with his family, and his family said,”No! Don’t ever do that!” “But I have to!” “Okay, you can do this.” Then they stayed on the sidewalk and looked both ways, and then they crossed the street. Then they were with David’s millions of dollars. And the husband said,”Sorry, I stole all your money.” And then he gave every one their money back. He still had lots of money. He said,” Bye Bye! Everything’s over!” The story is over.


SO he fell in another hole, and he got angry and he was very mad and he decided to get happy again, and meet his family. He saw David’s wife again, and then David said,”No, Baby Dinosaur, my girl’s name is not Mary. It’s Mary Johnson.” “Ohhhhh.” Then Baby Dinosaur said,”Mama Dinosaur, could you please give me a treat?” “Sure, sure,”said the Momma Dinosaur. And she gave him a treat. He ate it all up, and it was candy! He ate another treat and it was wonderful and it was corn.


“Story’s over!” said David.

Now can you see why there was much weeping, snorting, and shedding of mascara going on?

And now...

To wrap up a long week...

Here are your Fab Five Friday Foto(s).


Little Piano Man.

I may or may not have gotten carried away with my birthday present.

Ehh...maybe just a little.

Steve-O and I on my birthday date. 28, folks. 2-8.

There he is. The one and only author of "The Baby Dinosaur Who Never Grew Up." This is also the child who, when asked,"What is the sun?" he replied, very matter-of-factly, "It's the light of Jesus' foot!" Hilarity abounds with this child. Enjoy your holiday weekend, folks!! :)

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  1. What a great story!!!! He's a creative one!