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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fab Five Friday Foto(s) and a Great Injustice

I'm mad. Stinkin' mad. Hoppin' mad. Do you want to know why I'm stinkin', hoppin' mad? I'll tell you why. Because my last blog post (the one about the tote bags) has literally DISAPPEARED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH. Why, Blogger? I trusted you. This...this..this is what I call a GREAT INJUSTICE!! Get it together, Blogger; or else I'm going to have to get it together for you. Capiche?? Comprende? Okay.

*Deep, cleansing breath*

*Okay, 10 Deep, Cleansing Breaths*

And now...

Fab Five Friday Foto(s).


We got ourselves a new tree today! The old one, a most respectable Norwegian Maple, had succumbed to the deciduous equivalent of the Black Death and was sporting white spots all over its sad leaves. It was time. I was grieved, for I was quite attached to it. I am a tree hugger without actually being a tree hugger. Does that make any sense? I didn't think so. Anyway, it was quite a sight watching the old tree get chopped down and chopped up, and then having the entertainment of watching a most exuberant team of young men take apart my fence, back up a truck into the yard, plow an enormous hole in said yard, tear up the root system of the old tree, plant a new tree, and then clean up the entire colossal mess. Oh, and they put my fence back together. Wasn't that nice of them? It was greatly amusing watching them take turns jumping into the hole and chop away at the roots with a tremendous fervor. Men. I understand them so much more now that I have three boys of my own. Guys, you're all right.

On a completely different topic, we had the great pleasure of having a very special person from the beautiful state of North Carolina come and visit us for a spell. Allow me to introduce you to Ricky, my sister Megan's boyfriend. Ricky is...well, delightful. I heartily approve. Are they not the cutest couple known to mankind? I am firmly convinced that they are, and nobody can change my mind. So there. We took Ricky down to the lake, and during the 5-minute drive from our house to the lake, the temperature dropped 40 degrees. It. Was. BIZARRE! So we were freezing (especially Meg in her grey leggings and gold sandals), but we stuck it out for about half an hour, and then decided it was time to go to Culver's for lunch. SNACK PAK ENTHUSIASTS, UNITE!

Yes, I like Ricky. Not only did he play with my kids so I could make dinner, but both he and Megan cleaned up the kitchen after dinner. Now that's teamwork. He also plays a mean game of MarioKart (I will have my revenge someday), and he liked my cooking. BONUS.

Yep. Giddy.

One of my favorite and familiar little spots along the lake. Whenever I go to the lake, I think to myself,"You know, I kinda like it here. Kenosha, you're all right." Yes. Like the guys chopping up the roots with great gusto in a 4-foot crater in my backyard, Kenosha is quite all right. I'm not quite sure what that really means. At any rate, Happy Friday, ya'll!

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